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Low profile, High performance

The SLP138 is an Rx PTCA Catheter which has been especially designed to achieve pre-dilatation of challenging lesions.

  • Lower Profile for Easier Lesion Access
    A new lower profile balloon and distal shaft allow access to difficult lesions. SLP138 features a low profile hypotube which allows the kissing balloon technique to be performed through a 6F Introducer Sheath
  • Excellent Tracking to Navigate Tortuous Vessels
    A new soft tip and flexible distal shaft allows SLP138 to track easily through tortuous vessels.
  • Enhanced Push to Reach and Cross Difficult Lesions
    A new shaft construction allows more push to be transmitted to the balloon tip without any buckling of the shaft. In addition XxtraFlex technology gives a smooth transition from the proximal shaft to the flexible distal segment. This allows greater push to be transferred to the tip whilst maintaining excellent flexibility
  • Excellent Balloon Durability and Safety
    QuadFlex balloon material is highly burst resistant, allowing confident treatment of even the most highly calcified vessels. The QuadFlex balloon does not ‘dogbone’ which prevents injury to the vessel wall outside the treated segment

For high pressure Angioplasty and Post Dilatation

Power & accuracy at high pressure

  • Nominal pressure at 12Atm.
  • Atraumatic flexible tip for guide wire tracking and reduced vessel injury.
  • Strong, durable balloon material for controlled inflation and confident Post Dilatation.
  • Accurate quarter size diameter range to ensure operator confidence in the procedure outcome.

Setting a Global Standard for Stent Delivery Systems

ClearStream Technologies offer a customized stent delivery system solution, with design flexibility and regulatory documentation support.

  • 1.7F/2.0F stainless steel proximal shaft options
  • 2.7F/2.8F Distal Shaft Diameter
  • Atraumatic flexible tip
  • Durable balloon material with contolled compliance
  • Wide range of balloon dimaeters and lengths available
  • Customized balloon sizes and marker band placement to deliniate crimped stent length

ClearStream stent delivery systems feature the XxtraFlex® transition which combines pushability and flexibility in a manner, which focuses forces in a forward direction and allows significantly improved distal vessel access.

Smooth delivery – flawless deployment

SFX 135 is a state of the art balloon expandable CoCr coronary stent, which provides for excellent performance.

Stent Diameters from 2mm to 4mm and Stent Lengths from 8mm to 40mm.

  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Minimal foreshortening
  • Outstanding vessel conformability
  • Homogenous coverage
  • Superb radial force
  • Outstanding trackability
  • Low metal to artery ratio