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The Last Word in 0.035″ PTA performance

The PSC2 catheter features a unique combination of advanced technologies to give a new level of performance in a 0.035″ PTA Catheter.

The semi-compliant balloon is made from a proprietary blend of polyesters and features a steep cone angle and highly defined parallel working surface. The ultra low profile balloon shoulders and trifold/sixfold memory make this the ultimate PTA catheters for use with an 0.035″ guidewire.

The low profile balloon and shoulders enable the smaller balloons (5-6mm) to be easily withdrawn from a 5F sheath. To ensure optimal sheath performance balloon diameters from 3mm-6mm are trifolded and balloon sizes from 7mm-12mm have a sixfold


  • Quadflex balloon material
  • 20mm-220mm balloon length range
  • low profile tip
  • Semi-Compliant balloon, trifold/sixfold with memory
  • For use with 0.035″ (0.889mm) guidewires
  • 5F sheath compatibility for smaller diameters
  • Shaft lengths 75cm, 100cm and 130cm
  • Ultra-low profile balloon shoulders with tip lead-in < 4F
  • Co-axial nylon shaft for high pushability

PSC2 is the ideal peripheral catheter for Drug Coating applications and Stent Delivery

A high performance 0.018″ OTW 4F Peripheral Catheter

This 4F OTW Peripheral Catheter is one of the lowest profile catheters on the market. The semi-compliant balloon features trifold with memory on diameters 2mm-6mm and sixfold on diameters 7mm-9mm and has an ultra-low profiled tip lead in of <3F.

Product Characteristics

  • 20mm – 220mm balloon lengths
  • 2mm – 9mm balloon diameter range
  • Customisable balloon sizes available
  • 75cm & 130cm shaft
  • Durable Quadflex Balloon Material

A high performance 0.014″ OTW Peripheral Catheter

The ALP14 a is a PTA Catheter specifically designed to treat the most difficult distal lesions in the lower limb vasculature.

ALP14 Product Features

  • Long Balloon
    ALP14 a is available with balloons up to 220mm in length, allowing for shorter procedures and greater convenience.
  • Durable Balloon Material
    The QuadFlex balloon has exceptional durability, even in the most calcified lesions. The balloon also has excellent rewrap characteristics, ensuring a low profile is maintianed even after multiple inflations.
  • Broad Range of Catheter Lengths
    ALP14 a is available in catheter lengths of 100cm, 130cm and 150cm, allowing for a variety of access sites, including the brachial artery, to be used.

The RX catheter for all your 0.014″ peripheral applications

The RXP14 Rapid Exchange PTA Catheter has an overall length of 150cm/155cm and is mounted on a hypotube platform.

The RXP14 is designed for multiple applications including below the knee PTA and is also suitable for pre and post-dilation during stent procedures

RXP14 features a hypotube shaft to give high pushability and a low profile for easy entry into lesions. The highly durable QuadFlex balloon makes the RXP14 suitable for use in highly calcified lesions. The device is compatible with 0.014″ guidewires and devices such as distal protection filters.

RXP14 Product Features

  • Rapid Exchange Design
  • Compatible with 0.014″ Guidewire and distal protection devices
  • Rated burst pressure – 16Atm (3mm-4mm)/12Atm (5mm-7mm)
  • Overall catheter length 150cm/155cm
  • Hypotube 2.16F