Form Dipping, Coating and Chemical Compounding

Form Dipping and Coating

BD Peripheral Intervention OEM delivers extensive expertise in form dipping and coating operations, supported by full lab capabilities. Our seasoned staff has decades of R&D and product & process development experience. We can support a defined scale up for process development and pilot dipping of various compounds and solutions at our Moncks Corner, SC manufacturing facility.

Our form-based dipping lines include automated and hand dipping tanks, equipment, and various materials. Capacity is available in both water-based and solvent-based dipping/coating lines.

Chemical Compounding

Chemical Reactor-based Capabilities

BD Peripheral Intervention OEM can provide a range of chemical reactor-based capabilities for reactive chemical compounding, including vulcanization, de-ammoniation, and centrifuging for bulk removal of solid materials.

We can also accommodate:

  • Bulk compounding of coagulants and slurries
  • Color addition processes
  • Radiopaque barium sulfate handling
  • Formulation of modulus/stiffness with fumed silica/clay
  • Reinforcement with grafted methacrylate latex

Synthesis and Recycling

We can perform solvent synthesis catheter coatings (50 gallon scale), as well as solvent distillation/recovery.


The Moncks Corner, SC facility is equipped with two large scale, Homeland Security-compliant, reactors utilizing gaseous chlorine. Free chlorine is neutralized at the end of the process. We have additional chlorination capacity and equipment availability.

Other Chemicals and Elastomers

Class I/Div I manufacturing space is available, and we have the comprehensive capabilities to work with:

  • High Ammonia Natural Rubber Latex
  • Plastisol PVC compounds
  • Synthetic polyisoprene or SPI
  • MEK
  • MCl
  • Ethanol
  • THF
  • Gases on-site: Nitrogen & Argon

Dry Powder Handling and Packaging

BD Peripheral Intervention OEM has extensive packaging experience doing millions of units per year.
Our product handling and packaging lines include:

  • Small foil pouching of dry powder mixtures (down to 1.5grams)
  • Large PLC Programmed bagging lines
  • Various film operated, pouch sealing, and filling operations.